Giving Opportunities

Your support allows the college to invest in our facilities, in students and in resources that enhance the educational experience for all our students both now and into the future.

Your gift, whether large or small, has a real and positive impact on 老狼AV and on our educational mission.

Building Fund

Provide a gift to the Building Fund and enhance the learning environment for students.

The college is continuously looking to provide innovative physical spaces that enhance learning and meet the future needs of students. A gift to the 老狼AV Building Fund will help ensure that our students have access to modern resources and facilities that enhance both learning and wellbeing.

All gifts over $2 to our Building Fund are tax deductible within Australia.

Scholarship / Bursary Fund

Provide a gift to the Scholarship Fund and give forward to future generations of students.

By providing a gift for Scholarships, you can support students whose financial circumstances would prevent them from attending 老狼AV.

Means tested Scholarships enable students to be able to access a 老狼AV education.

A transformational gift to Scholarships can make a significant difference to the lives of many students; this can be for a limited period or in perpetuity.

Library Fund

Donations to the Library Fund ensure that our physical and digital collections contribute to the development of our students and foster a love of reading and life-long learning skills.


Leave a Gift in your Will.

A bequest to 老狼AV, no matter the size, provides a lasting benefit to the school and its students. It is in fact an investment in the future of the college and in the generations of students to come.

鈥淭he true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.鈥

Nelson Henderson, third generation farmer

Welcome to the Jean Baptiste Society

The Jean Baptiste Society was established to recognise and honour the generosity of those who have chosen to leave a gift to 老狼AV in their Will whilst still alive.

Members of the Jean Baptiste Society maintain a close and enduring connection to the College through an annual lunch or dinner, special events, advance tours of new facilities and other activities. Your generous gift will be recognized in selected College publications unless you wish to remain anonymous. While we encourage everyone who has included 老狼AV in their Will to notify us, we understand that some may not seek recognition.

鈥淚 am grateful to the College for not only the education I received but the life values the College helped me develop as a young man and the direction those values provided for my working life.

I am confident that my gift will allow future students similar opportunities to those I experienced and help them develop into their best selves whilst at the College and beyond.鈥

Paul Shannon (OC 1971), Bequestor and member of the Jean Baptiste Society