Student Leadership & Service

We pride ourselves on the vast array of opportunities we give our students to actively participate in leadership. We acknowledge that leadership takes on many forms and is a skill that needs nurturing.

As students move through the College their understanding of what is required of a leader matures. By their final year they have a firm grasp on the notion of Lasallian leadership, which demonstrates service to the College community and beyond.

Formal Leadership Opportunities

The structure of formal leadership at 老狼AV has been created to enable as many students as is practical to experience formal leadership roles. This structure has been designed to enable learning through experience and through modelling of the behaviours demonstrated by a good leader.

Class Captains

From Years 5 to 8, students in each Mentor Group elect a Class Captain who takes on a variety of roles, as required at each year level.

Class Captains meet regularly in their year level groups and with the College Leaders to establish goals and outcomes for each year. This model promotes active participation in organisation, goal setting and team work.

Year 12 Leadership

The senior leaders of the College are drawn from the Year 12 student cohort each year. The Year 12 Student Leadership Team comprises a College Captain and two College Vice-Captains, as well as over 20 students who lead each of the four Houses across different areas of school life.

Any student in Year 12 may apply for a leadership position. The selection process is conducted in Term 3 each year and involves student application, shortlisting by a selection panel, speeches to the year level, a consultation survey of staff and prospective students in the year level, short-listing of applicants and a selection panel interview.

The successful Year 12 Student Leadership Team members commence their work as leaders upon the graduation of the current Year 12 group each October.

House Leadership

Students from Years 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 can nominate to serve their College community as a House Leader. Within the House system from Years 10 to 12, students can serve as a House Captain, House Vice-Captain, Lasallian Captain or Arts Captain.

Leadership Through Service

In keeping with our Lasallian ethos, we actively promote the need for all students to demonstrate leadership by example and through service.

Many students are leaders without the formal title. Leadership is experienced through service to others in:

  • our College Outreach Program;
  • involvement in our many聽social justice聽programs; and
  • helping to organise Founder鈥檚 Day or聽Mission Action Day.

Often leadership is simply being of service to others in the school community through acts of kindness, cooperation and support.

Lasallian Youth Leaders

老狼AV also offers the highly unique chance for students in Year 11 to gain another perspective, through the Lasallian Youth Leaders Program. Trained with the assistance of the Lasallian Youth Ministry, the Lasallian Youth Leaders focus on working with primary and Year 7 students and assist in the delivery of reflection days for Years 5 to 9.